Zeropoint & ECONYL® Regeneration for life, enviromentally IQ

An intelligent and sustainable way to create products from waste by pioneering processes for the closed loop of recycling and outstanding product

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The ECONYL® Regeneration system is a unique chemical and mechanical process that allows to create regenerated yarn from waste keeping the same purity and characteristics of Nylon coming from fossil raw material.

The ECONYL® yarn is a 100% regenerated Nylon coming from pre- and post-consumer Nylon waste. Pre-consumer waste can be production discards, industrial plastic components and textile scraps. Post-consumer waste is in fact waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills or abandoned in nature with big environmental problems. It can be carpet fluff (the upper part of carpets), abandoned or spent fishing nets from agreements in place with the fish farming industry or from spent or abandoned nets that is recovered from the seas or collected through special projects with fisherman and the fishing communities. Today there is still aprox. 640.000 tons of old fishnets in the oceans.

With the ECONYL® Regeneration System can all this material be recovered – and regenerate it giving it a new life and contributing to a cleaner environment. With this yarn, numerous textile products can be created with a double advantage for the environment.


Most of our fabrics is made of ECONYL®Yarn. All reinforced with LYCRA® SPORT technology which is designed for both competitive and casual athletes, ensuring that the products have the proven LYCRA® fiber stretch and top performing fabrics. This technology provides optimal compression during workouts when you need muscle recovery and freedom of movement the most. Today, we have the widest range of high-end compression products

Zero Point Hybrid Sock - 39,90 €

Compression Socks for Long Time Use

Compression level: Medium

Hybrid Silver Compression Socks are designed for long-time use. The sock is great for a wide variety of purposes such as training, sports, work and travel. The silver yarn used in manufacturing Hybrid Silver Socks help fight microbes and odours.

The sock is a favourite among athletes and sports professionals both for performance but most specifically for recovery purposes. Use the sock during your activity, but make sure to get the most of the compression experience by wearing the socks 1-2 hours after workout to boost the recovery process.

The sock is light weight, highly elastic and the ideal support for your legs during travel or for long periods of standing or sedentary work as they prevent swelling of legs and feet.



65% Nylon 25% Lycra 10% X-Static

  • Medium compression
  • Antimicrobial
  • Thermoregulating
  • For long-time use
  • Moisture management
  • Comfortable fit
  • Softer and stronger toe & heel area

Wash after every use in 40 °C without fabric softeners.

Before washing turn the product inside out and use a washing bag.
Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.


Zero Point Hybrid-polvisukka


Kevyt kompressio useiden tuntien käyttöön.

Hybrid on keveä, hyvin elastinen kompressiosukka, joka

  • mukautuu jalan asentoon sekä liikkeeseen.

  • Tekniset ominaisuudet ja tieteellisesti optimoitu kompressio pitkäaikaiseen käyttöön.

  • Uusi X-static neulos tekee tuotteesta antibakteerisen ja pysyy raikkaana pitkään.

Hybrid on syntynyt urheilusta, liikkuvasta vapaa-ajasta sekä työelämän tarpeista. Se on ainutlaatuinen yhdistelmä mukavuutta ja toimivuutta. Matkustuksessa, työssä, golfatessa, kävellessä, palautumisessa.

Täydellinen kompressiosukka menevälle ihmiselle.


Intense 2.0 Compression Calf Sleeves - 29,90 €

For Physically Demanding Sports

Compression level: Hard 20-30 mmHg

Let us introduce you to the new Intense Calf Sleeve! The technical features and benefits from our Calf Sleeve OX have been fine tuned and the new design and colour will have you want to buy them all. The sleeves combine cutting-edge technical features, high-quality materials, precisely targeted details and optimized compression. Intense Calf Sleeves are created for exercise, high performance and recovery. They are also perfect for treatment and prevention of sport-related injuries.

Socks or Sleeves?
Whether you use Calf Sleeves or Compression Socks during your activity is a matter of preference. Combining the Calf Sleeve and Ankle Sock will have the same effect as wearing one of our compression socks, however giving more room for individual variations in sizing.

Combine the sleeves with our Ancle SOcks for an optimal compression experience.


Compression Level 20-30 mmHg

75% Nylon 25% Lycra

  • Hard compression
  • Air flow
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Moisture management
  • Reduces sense of fatigue
  • Boosts performance

Wash after every use in 40 °C without fabric softeners.

Before washing turn the product inside out and use a washing bag.
Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

Merino Wool Alpine Socks - 44,90 €

Specifically designed and developed for winter alpine skiing & hiking boots

Compression level: medium

The Alpine Sock is part of ZeroPoints new winter sport range and is specifically designed for alpine skiing. The sock has reinforced areas on the front and back lower leg to ease the pressure that falls on the lower leg during alpine skiing. It is a light sock with high elasticity making it a perfect fit for tight fitting  boots.

The high level of merino wool (50%) has multiple benefits during skiing. With merino wool closest to your body you will stay warm during cold weather and cool during warm climate. If you lower the intensity of your activity or take a break from the slopes the merino wool will make sure to keep you warm even though you are sweaty since the material wicks away moisture and regulate your body temprature.


50% Merino Wool 25% Nylon 25% Lycra

  • Medium compression
  • Antibacterial
  • Optimal thermal balance
  • Multi climate
  • Softer and stronger toe & heel area

Before washing turn the product inside out and use a washing bag. Gentle machine wash after every use in 30 °C without fabric softeners. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

ZeroPoint 2.0 Intence Sock - 39,90 €

Scientifically optimized compression for intensive sport and recovery

Compression level: Hard ZEROPOINT Intense Compression Socks combine cutting-edge technical features, high-quality materials, precisely targeted details and optimized compression. Intense Socks are created for exercise, high performance and recovery. They are also perfect for treatment and prevention of sport-related injuries.


Made of 75% Nylon and 25% Lycra

  1. Anatomical fit: special compression weaving throughout the foot sole gives you a unique glove-like fitting.
  2. Air flow: Air ventilation construction inside the sock.
  3. Padded protection area: Foot sole, ankle, shin and Achilles tendon.
  4. Softer and stronger fabrication: at the toe and heel area for a feeling of comfort and reducing blistering.


  • Better performance and recovery
  • Better circulation and blood flow
  • More oxygen to the muscle
  • Prevents cramps, shin splints and muscle pulls.

Kova kompressio.

Zero Point Sport on tieteellisesti kehitetty kompressiosukka intensiiviseen urheiluun. Siinä yhdistyy huippuluokan tekniset ominaisuudet, korkealuokkaiset materiaalit, tarkkaan hiotut yksityiskohdat ja optimoitu kompressiopaine. Sport on luotu harjoitteluun, kilpailuihin ja palautumiseen, urheilu- ja rasitusvammojen hoitoon sekä ennaltaehkäisyyn. Zero Point Graduated Compression teknologia, jossa paine vähenee asteittaisesti ylöspäin tuottaen optimaalisen kompressioteknologian toimivuuden. Tieteellisesti optimoitu kompressiopaine intensiiviseen urheiluun ja palautumiseen.


ZeroPoint Compression Intence 2.0 Arm Sleeves - 34,90 €

Arm sleeves for physically demanding sports

Compression level: Hard 

Intense Arm Sleeves is a new arm sleeve in the ZeroPoint assortment with added features, a harder compression lever and a new design. The Intense Sleeves is part of the Hard compression level making it an excellent choice for intense and physically demanding sports. The sleeves have a comfortable fit and flex top band which keeps the sleeves comfortably in place. Air ventilation construction inside the sleeve combined with padded protection knit areas create optimal movement and protects your skin from abrasions.

Many athletes and excersice enthusiasts also use the arm sleeves prevent and treat sports injuries.

Each product contains a pair of armsleeves. Sizing is unisex.



75% Nylon 25% Lycra

  • Hard compression
  • Airflow knit
  • Moisture management
  • Protects your skin from abrasion

Wash after every use in 40 °C without fabric softeners.

Before washing turn the product inside out and use a washing bag.
Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.


  • Increased circulation and improved blood flow
  • Increased oxygen supply to muscle tissue
  • Reduced muscle strain and less exercise-induced muscle soreness of arms
  • Less lactic acid buildup in the arms during exercise
  • Improved energy, performance and recovery
  • Injury prevention

Tieteellisesti optimoitu kompressio intensiiviseen urheiluun ja palautumiseen

ZeroPoint Compression Arm Sleeves -kompressiohihoissa yhdistyvät uudet tutkimukset ja viimeisin urheilu- ja palautumisteknologia. Hihan asteittainen kompressio antaa enemmän happea ja energiaa käsivarsillesi.

ZeroPoint Compression Arm Sleeves -hihoissa yhdistyvät huipputekniset ominaisuudet, korkealaatuiset materiaalit, täsmällisesti kohdistetut yksityiskohdat sekä optimoitu kompressio.

ZeroPoint Compression Arm Sleeves -tuotteet on suunniteltu urheiluun ja palautumiseen. Sen lisäksi että uutuushihat parantavat verenkiertoa ja imusuoniston toimintaa, ne nopeuttavat palautumista ja auttavat ehkäisemään ja hoitamaan urheiluvammoja.

ZeroPoint Compression Arm Sleeves -hihat myös suojaavat käsivarsiasi intensiivisissä ja fyysisesti vaativissa lajeissa kuten koripallo ja muut joukkuepelit, CrossFit ja triathlon. Kompressiohihat auttavat myös säilyttämään kehon lämpötilan oikeana muuttuvissa sääolosuhteissa.

Haetko todellisia etuja kompressiosta? Valitse ZeroPoint Compression Arm Sleeves -hihat.

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  • Lisää energiaa, suorituskykyä ja palautumista

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